Safeway Pest Solutions

Building a new home is a massive investment! Failing to use adequate pest control barriers and methods during the pre-construction phase of your building can have severe
consequences, termites will attack untreated homes and cause thousands of dollars of damage to your new property.

Safeway Pest Solutions can provide you with decades of happiness, protect your investment with our pre-construction physical termite barrier.

Why Choose Us For Your Pre-Construction Pest Control?

Termite Barriers For Pre-Construction

Let us help you in deciding the best plan of action when it comes to preventing termite attacks. Our pre-construction termite control Adelaide services will save you from potential termite problems in the future that can be not only stressful but also very expensive. For complete peace of mind, you can count on our total pest management solutions. We use the most appropriate termite management system for treatment, control and preventive measures of subterranean termites. Make the right decision and for a professional pest control consultation – call Safeway Pest Solutions on 0434 211 967 today.

Count On The Best Ant Control Adelaide Company

Safeway Pest Solutions offers professional and safe ant treatments designed for Adelaide homes and businesses. For treatments that are far more effective and long-lasting than ant repellents available off the shelf, count on our ant control services. We use a variety of different ant control products that completely eradicate ant colonies. Affordable, yet effective, Safeway Pest Solutions is second to none when it comes to eliminating ant infestations in the Adelaide area. Make the right decision and for a professional inspection, protection, and termination of pests from your home or business – call Safeway Pest Solutions on 0434 211 967 today.