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Effective Millipede Control Adelaide

Millipedes are mostly seen outside in garden areas and may become a nuisance when found indoors. Millipedes can be seen at certain times of the year throughout your house and mostly sighted after excessive rainfall. Millipedes thrive in damp environments and feed on organic decaying matter.

Our specialised millipede pest service provides protection all year round ensuring the safety of your family and property.


Safety: Is our top priority our services are family-friendly, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones and pets, with an eco-conscious approach for a safe environment.

Thorough Eradication: Guaranteeing a lasting, pest-free home or business. Gain valuable tips for preventing future pest issues.

Time and Cost Efficiency: Our extensive services begin with meticulous inspections, providing effective and timely solutions for a long-lasting pest-free home. No pest control job is beyond Safeway Pest Solutions’ expertise.

Rapid & Efficient: While DIY insecticides kill millipedes, they can’t eliminate an infestation. Opt for our safe, effective service, available year-round. Contact Safeway Pest Solutions to discuss your needs.

Millipede Pest Control