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Purchasing a home is often a milestone that can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Buying a home is a significant investment, therefore, you should not take hasty decisions or overlook the importance of pre-purchase pest inspection.

When you are considering buying a home or a commercial property, it is wise to make all the necessary checks to ensure the building is safe and sound. It won’t be a thrilling discovery to find out a few months down the line that the property requires extensive repairs for damage you were not aware of at the time of purchasing the property.

Pre-purchase pest inspection Adelaide is an extremely important aspect of any property purchase decision and it’s recommended to hire the services of pest control experts like Safeway Pest Solutions for the job.

Why are Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection Essential? 

• It’s a good idea to identify any underlying defects, safety hazards, or other potential problems caused by pest activity on the property to ensure you avoid any nasty surprises later.

• Repair and treatment costs rise as the infestation escalates and that means greater damage – so, be sure of what you’re getting into.

• A thorough building inspection by a licensed inspector will assist you in identifying any potential issues helping you in your decision-making process for the settlement and sale of the property.

• Pre-purchase pest inspection Adelaide involves a complete visual inspection and comprehensive assessment of the inside and outside of a property that you’re looking to purchase.

• Our pest inspectors follow the recognised Australian standard and will be able to advise on the potential of any future pest activity and the existing pest condition of that property which will enable a more informed and confident purchase decision.

• Don’t have enough time? Do not worry as Safeway Pest Solutions can conduct the pre-purchase pest assessment on priority to help you confirm your decision before the property’s cooling-off period.

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With years of vast experience detecting, preventing, and eliminating termites, Nathan is the man trusted for all Adelaide pre-purchase termite inspections, and timber pest inspections.

Let us help you in deciding the best plan of action when it comes to inspecting a property you are planning on purchasing. Our in-depth and detailed pre-purchase termite report will save you from potential termite problems in the future that can be not only stressful but also very expensive. For complete peace of mind, you can count on our total pest management solutions.

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