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Are you planning on buying a property? Purchasing a home is often a milestone that can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Buying a home is a significant investment, therefore, you should not make hasty decisions or overlook the importance of building inspection and pre-purchase pest inspection.

When you are considering buying a home or a commercial property, it is wise to make all the necessary checks to ensure the building is safe and sound. It won’t be a thrilling discovery to find out a few months down the line that the property you’ve purchased now requires extensive repairs for damage you were not aware of at the time of purchasing the property.

Pest and building inspections in Adelaide is an extremely important aspect of any property purchase decision and it’s recommended to hire the services of pest control experts like Safeway Pest Solutions for the job.

What Is A Building Inspection? 

A building inspection is performed in the pre-purchase stage of property settlement, it’s beneficial to assess and fully understand the properties current condition. This assessment is conducted by a licensed building inspector who thoroughly inspects the state and condition of a building.

After our invasive inspection, reports outlining all findings is written which includes information and clear advice about any defects, hazards, maintenance, and overall condition of the site that may cause problems and costly repairs in the future. This helps a purchaser understand thoroughly prior to committing.

Please note that a building inspection report is different to a pest inspection report. Combined building and pest inspection assessments work in the property purchasers’ favor. No property should go without both a rigorous building inspection and a timber pest inspection.

Safeway Pest Solutions will make sure you get an unbiased property report and get the complete picture when it comes to your new property so that you’re 100% confident to make a fully informed purchase decision.

When Quality Matters Get Building and Pest Inspection Adelaide Service With Safeway Pest Solutions!

Safeway Pest Solutions offer one of the most experienced building and pest inspections in Adelaide. Offering two inspectors and separate reports, you can be guaranteed that our expertise will lead to you making a sound decision when it comes to purchasing your new property. Building and pest inspections are recommended to be carried out well before the cooling-off period. Our in-depth and detailed building and pre-purchase termite report will save you from potential problems in the future that can be stressful.

Make the right decision for a professional building and pest consultation in Adelaide- call Safeway Pest Solutions today!