Safeway Pest Solutions

Welcome to Safeway Pest Solutions, where your peace of mind is our priority. 

We understand that effective pest management requires not only skilled technicians but also a robust reporting system that keeps you informed and in control. That’s why we’ve invested in an all-in-one platform designed to enhance the efficiency and transparency of our pest control services.

Efficient CRM Customer Database: 

Our Pest Control CRM does more than just manage our customers; it seamlessly integrates job management. With all client details, contacts, locations, securely stored in one place, offering a comprehensive view of our customers history so that we never miss a pest service.

Asset Management for Bait Station Monitoring:

We take pest control to the next level with Asset Management. Bait Stations can be directly assigned to your site, offering QR code for easy monitoring, and recording with a detailed log.

Smart Automation for Time Efficiency:

Say goodbye to manual administrative tasks. Our Smart Assistants work 24/7-365 to automate reminders and updates. Choose from options like letters, email, and SMS for communication. The system automatically personalises messages with client and job details, provides customisable wording for different job types, sends “Running Late” notifications, and updates you as jobs progress through stages. Impress your clients, maximise future appointments, and grow your business with streamlined automation.

SDS & License Library with Document Management:

Safety is a top priority, and our platform ensures you are always compliant. All your Safety Data Sheets (SDS), licenses, registrations, and company documents are managed efficiently with automated expiry date alerts. This feature provides a perfect way to store documents, custom folders to suit your business, auto expiry management, and access from both mobile and desktop devices with permission-based access.

Quoting & Invoicing Beautifully Connected:

Our Pest Control reporting system is seamlessly integrated from paperless reports, quoting & invoicing in one platform, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

At Safeway Pest Solutions, we believe in providing not just pest control services but an experience that exceeds your expectations. Our investment in Formitize reflects our commitment to transparency, efficiency, and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction. With our integrated platform, you’re not just a client; you’re a partner in pest control management. Choose Safeway Pest Solutions for a smarter, safer, and more efficient pest control experience.